Is Buying Platinum Jewelry a Great Investment?

When it comes to choosing jewelry, white gold and platinum are usually the top choices. Yet more people opt for white gold since it’s more affordable than platinum. However, if you’re looking for an investment piece, then buying platinum jewelry is definitely a smarter choice. Here’s why!

Platinum is one of the purest metals at 900 to 950 grade PT. Over time, it will not thin, deteriorate, and tarnish like gold, so it only requires less maintenance. Aside from that, platinum is also 50% denser than gold, so it’s more durable and can hold diamonds much better, which makes it a preferred metal for diamond wedding rings. This is why many celebrity couples, like Jennylyn Mercado & Dennis Trillo and Melissa Gohing & Rocco Naccino, chose platinum wedding bands after learning the benefits of platinum.

With these great reasons, you can be sure that jewelry made from platinum is a timeless piece that can last for years and be passed on from generation to generation, making it an excellent investment. 

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