Top 5 Platinum Jewelry Myths: Debunked!

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Platinum is known to be purer, denser, and rarer than gold. Through the years, it has become a top choice for engagement and wedding rings as this metal has been proven durable and exuded undeniable elegance. Despite these facts, many myths about platinum jewelry keep on circulating online. It’s time to dispel these myths one by one through this blog post.

Myth #1: Platinum is softer compared to gold.

As mentioned earlier, platinum is denser than gold, but it does not mean it’s softer. A denser precious metal is a durable one. Based on research, platinum is one of the natural materials on this planet with optimum durability. This is why most couples pick platinum as their engagement and wedding bands.

Myth #2: Platinum and white can be used interchangeably.

Here’s the truth, “white gold” is just a label. Gold is yellow by nature. White gold is derived from a mix of yellow gold and white metals, and then a layer of rhodium coating is added. White gold is simply an alloy and can gradually become yellow again over time. Platinum is the only naturally white metal that should better be used on its own.

Myth #3: Platinum is more prone to scratches.

Just like any other material possessions, precious metals can be subjected to daily wear. Platinum stands out among other fine jewelry because it has high durability and wears down at a slower pace.

Myth #4: Platinum becomes dull after a long time.

Platinum can age gracefully over many years of wear. An heirloom piece like a platinum eternity ring can accumulate patina on its surface. Patina can simply be described as the loss of luster, which gives a frosted finish to platinum jewelry. However, gem designers believe that patina adds character and beauty to jewelry collections.

Myth #5: Platinum comes with a hefty price.

It is indeed true that platinum is more expensive than gold. A collector who wishes to purchase platinum jewelry will get what the money is worth – a heavier, purer, and more durable kind of precious metal. Sep Vergara Platinum Jewelry, a platinum jewelry store in Manila, is home to an array of high-quality and unique jewelry pieces that suit every style and budget.

Shopping for jewelry can be difficult when you are surrounded by myths, rumors, and fake news. To clear the air out and get the real score about the platinum pieces you’ve been eyeing to add to your collection, seek the advice of a trusted jeweler or a certified expert in this field. It’s best to be informed before spending your hard-earned budget on a piece of platinum jewelry.