Sep Vergara on Choosing an Engagement Ring

Sep Vergara on Megaman Magazine Dec 2021

Platinum jeweler Sep Vergara grew his value by enjoying his passion and appreciating all the things that come his way. He shares this belief in his interview on MEGA Man’s December 2021 issue. “If you keep wearing the jewelry, that’s when the value increases, because when you wear it a lot, enjoy it, and use it. There’s appreciation.”

Vergara felt at a young age that he would take the path to become a business owner as he came from a family who ventured into the pawnshop business. It was only through a difficult time that he discovered his niche in the market. It was a time when their family business was almost losing due to bankruptcy, and his closeness to his staff drove him to think of better ways to grow the business. From there on, he decided to appraise diamonds and fine jewelry. 

After establishing Sep Vergara Fine Jewelry in 2008, the brand proceeded to conquer the world of wedding fairs and expositions here and abroad. It has become one of the most sought-after suppliers of diamond engagement rings for couples planning to tie the knot. For Vergara, you should purchase a diamond engagement ring that you will enjoy wearing daily. In this way, its value increases, and it can eventually become an heirloom piece that can pass from one generation to another.

As with picking the best platinum engagement ring, Vergara gets it straight to the point. “I still sell gold jewelry because it still holds its own beauty, but platinum is really the best for rings.” Tried and tested by the man himself, he says platinum rings are more durable than gold, and these pieces can hold diamonds a lot better.