How to Choose a Trustworthy Platinum Fine Jewelry Store?

Diamond Rings in Platinum Setting

Platinum took the world of fine jewelry by storm as more and more celebrities, influencers, and jewelers are highlighting the good about this precious metal. It is known for its strong resistance to wear, tear, and tarnish. Many fans of this silvery-white metal are happy with platinum’s purity, hypoallergenic, and sparkle.

Fine jewelry platinum pieces are considered symbols of long-lasting love, strength, and commitment. With these qualities, many couples are discovering how platinum can be the best alternative to white gold for engagement and wedding rings. It has become sought-after jewelry in wedding expositions and exhibits. Platinum is an ultimate expression of integrity and every time you purchase this from a trusted retailer, you are assured of its 90 to 95% purity

Why Do You Need a Trustworthy Platinum Jeweler

As mentioned earlier, platinum is a rare kind, and finding an authentic platinum fine jewelry store in a location near you requires a bit of research. With the rise of social media, you can get your research started online. You can google or search the hashtags related to platinum jewelry on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to see the nearby places or profiles that advertise and sell platinum jewelry. 

After the online search, it’s best to visit the physical store of the platinum jewelry brand to have a look and feel of the actual pieces. Even with the detailed descriptions and several photos of the products, nothing beats trying on the pieces of jewelry to see how these items sit on your collarbone for necklaces or how the earrings will settle on your earlobes.

A reliable jeweler will guide you from selecting up to purchasing an item that is memorable to your life – especially if it’s for an occasion like an anniversary, engagement, or wedding. This person is trained to give you sound advice on the quality, price, and style of the precious stones you wish to add to your collection.

4 Essential Questions to Ask your Platinum Jeweler

In meeting your jeweler, you should not only feel like catching up with your best friend. But, it should be also like interacting with a professional who is knowledgeable about platinum jewelry and the additional gems and diamonds you will incorporate in your chosen piece. It is very useful to prepare a set of questions you need to ask the jeweler before you visit the store.

1. Can you tell me more about your expertise and affiliations?

A jeweler you can openly trust will always include diamond certifications from world-renowned gem laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Joseph Vergara, the man behind the popular platinum fine jewelry store in Manila, has been in the industry for more than a decade and is a highly-skilled jeweler as he was a Diamond, Pearl, and Gemstone graduate from GIA.

A reputable jeweler will not hesitate to show and discuss with you the mark of the integrity of the precious pieces in their store. Seek for a stamp or a seal that verifies the content of your chosen piece. It can be 10, 14, or 18K for white, rose, and yellow gold or PT which is short for platinum. With this information, the color, quality, and carat of the jewelry are well-documented.

2. Can you elaborate on the 4Cs of a diamond?

The Diamond 4Cs is a favorite topic on many websites about gemstones and fine jewelry. It is good to be knowledgeable about this information but a meeting with a trained jeweler is a must because this is where you will be guided through these 4Cs. 

A good jeweler like Sep Vergara will also have the tools to highlight the true beauty of the piece you are about to purchase. As a refresher, the 4Cs are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The grade which will be derived from these determines the price of each diamond piece.

3. What are your payment options, warranties, and returns?

Platinum and other jewelry purchases will include a budget assessment that is reasonable and realistic. A dependable jeweler should be able to explain layaway/installment options and credit card plans that can help you pay for your precious purchases without going overboard. Fine jewelry stores often offer solutions where you can send payments through banks and merchants’ apps.

For every purchase, Sep Vergara offers a free lifetime cleaning, inspection, and diamond prong tightening. They only charge minimal fees for repairs.

They are also proud to say that Sep Vergara Platinum Jewelry is the first and only specialty store of Platinum Jewelry in the Philippines with after-care services such as resizing, repair, cleaning & polishing.

4. What are the available bespoke, maintenance, and resale services?

Jewelry retailers build loyalty among customers because they put an extra mile into the services they offer in their stores and on different platforms. One of these things is those who have resident gemologists who have vast experience in finding the perfect stones that will fit the customers’ lifestyles and personalities. 

In addition, don’t hesitate to inquire about bespoke pieces which are custom designed and unique for each client. This is built from scratch from the vision of the customer and expressed by the jeweler’s skills.

After receiving a custom piece of jewelry, ask for recommendations on how to maintain the spark of your collection. Your jeweler should give schedules for when you can bring your precious metals for polish and to check whether the settings are still in place.

Building Trust with Your Platinum Retailer

Similar to platinum’s durability to withstand daily wear, your relationship with your jeweler should be solid and well-founded. First and foremost, your jeweler is someone who knows how to listen. He or she must not be pushing his or her own agenda down onto your plate. Trust can be formed over time and can come from different outlets: it can be referrals from friends and families, online business reviews, and social media communities or groups.

If you’re looking for a great collection of high-quality fine jewelry in platinum, visit our site today. You can also view our Google My Business page to read our customers’ reviews.