Choosing Platinum as Your Wedding Rings Is Best – Here’s Why!

.015 Carat Platinum Wedding Ring

Tying the knot is one milestone that all couples look forward to—and dreams of. Whether lovebirds choose an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, everyone would agree that it’s the littlest things that make the event more memorable. For one: the choice of engagement and wedding rings to slip on their fingers come this special day.

The ring is a symbol of the pair’s eternal love, that’s why opting for the best is a top priority. Weddings, after all, don’t happen everyday—it’s a rare occasion that marks the beginning of a lifetime for two hearts that beat as one.

You may ask—how would we know which ring is the best wedding and engagement ring in Manila to buy? We suggest to not settle for less and go for better than gold. The answer: platinum rings

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Platinum for Your Wedding Rings

There are countless reasons for choosing a platinum wedding ring, and after learning about this precious metal and its qualities, you’ll never want to wear anything else.

1. A Matchless Treasure

Going for platinum ring jewelry is a wise choice, as it’s a literal symbol of forever. It can last for a long, long time, and doesn’t deteriorate and thin like gold does. 

What makes choosing platinum rings even more special is its rarity—somehow, a quality that reflects a pair’s connection towards one another. Like the chances of meeting ‘The One’ in a sea of strangers, this hard-to-acquire metal is 30 times rarer than gold, with only 160 tons of platinum mined every year.

2. A Platinum Ring Will Actually Stay the Same Color Forever

In terms of appearance, platinum remains in its timeless hue — a natural white color. Its color also emphasizes the diamonds it holds better. And even if you try other gemstones on platinum jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this perfect background for engagement and wedding rings, as it will only add vibrance to such majestic jewels.

3. You Can Pass it Down for Generations

Considered one of the purest metals in the world with 900 to 950 PT, its tested durability won’t tarnish or damage your ring. With this, platinum rings also double as a great investment piece — and can be passed down from one generation to another.

4. Prevents Your Diamond Ring from Looking Yellow

Platinum being pure prevents deterioration, and it will even maintain its color for a very long time. Consider wearing one and not having to worry about it changing through the years — this, for us, is reason enough to let it be the symbol of your love for each other.

5. Platinum Creates the Safest Setting for Diamonds

Because this metal is much denser than gold, a platinum ring can hold diamonds better—a big nod for all the ladies who love a diamond ring.

6. A Platinum Ring Actually Feels Higher Quality (Durable and Dense)

Putting it into numbers, platinum is 50% denser than gold — making it one tough metal to wear. Why settle for an easily damaged piece when you can have one that lasts forever?

7. Suitable for Sensitive Skin (Hypoallergenic)

Because of its purity, couples are also assured that it’s hypoallergenic and will be safe to wear, even for those with sensitive skin

8. Requires Low Maintenance

And finally, like a man and woman who have maintained a love for years and decades, platinum rings age with grace.

Platinum jewelry has a satiny finish on its surface, called the patina, that develops over time. This patina proves this metal’s authenticity, making it a truly well-loved item by jewelers in the Philippines and worldwide around the world. When platinum is scratched, not even fine particles fall off—it just moves. Meaning, it’s just displaced, rather than lost. You own it whole, and no amount of time can lessen its qualities and value no matter what.

It’s not hard to fall in love even more with such an invaluable piece that speaks of a couple’s love. Platinum rings are your best bet, and for sure, no one can argue otherwise. 

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